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    Tips for Preventing Termites

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Termites cause billions of dollars’ worth of property damage in the U.S. every year. As a Phoenix homeowner, you should do everything you can to prevent termites from gaining a foothold in your home.

    This video offers a few pieces of apt advice regarding how you can prevent termites from invading your property. First of all, it’s important to repair water damage and fix water leaks as soon as they occur; termites are often attracted to damp wood. It’s also a good idea to keep wood away from your home and have a termite specialist provide professional-grade preventative services.

    Whether you’re looking to remove termites or prevent termites from invading your property in the first place, Burns Termite Control of Phoenix is the team to call. You can reach us at (602) 281-4094 or visit our website at any time.  

    Repairing Your Home After a Termite Infestation

    Last updated 13 days ago

    Termites thrive on the cellulose found in wood. If termites have been gnawing on your property’s wood for a few months, they’ve likely done an extraordinary amount of damage. Once you have a team of pest control professionals eliminate the termites, it’s time to begin the repair process. Here’s a brief look at what that process entails:

    Performing a Thorough Inspection
    First, it’s important to assess the amount of damage done to your home. Subterranean termites generally like to feed on damp foundation wood, so you might begin your inspection there. From the foundation, follow the mud tubes to the other damaged parts of your property. If you’re having trouble identifying the extent of the termite damage, consider having a professional help you out. 

    Hiring a Skilled Contractor
    In some places, you may be able to repair the damage yourself. In areas with light termite damage, all you have to do is apply a special wood hardener, which will fill in the cracks and make the wood more resistant to termites. For more substantial repairs to your home’s foundation, you should turn to a professional contractor. Replacing or repairing your home’s important support beams can be difficult and dangerous, and is best left to someone who has experience with such repairs.  

    Preventing Termites from Returning
    Your repairs will mean very little if termites return and cause even more damage. To help ensure that your home is safe from future infestations, you should have a termite control professional perform exclusionary measures. This might include blocking potential entry points, surrounding your home with termiticide, and taking other steps to ensure that your home is unappetizing to termites. To be safe, you might have termite experts inspect your property on a regular basis.

    The earlier you eliminate the termites from your property, the less damage you’ll need to repair. Burns Termite Control is always available to inspect your Phoenix home and promptly address your termite problem. We also provide termite removal service for Phoenix and Tucson businesses. Call (602) 281-4094 to speak with a friendly representative. 

    Spotlight on Formosan Termites

    Last updated 20 days ago

    Among the many types of subterranean termites in the United States, Formosan termites are by far the most destructive. They are distinguishable by their larger size and yellow-brown bodies. Unlike other subterranean termites, which require soil contact in order to receive the moisture they need to survive, Formosan termites can survive by forming a carton. Essentially nests inside the colony made from soil, chewed wood, and undigested cellulose, cartons enable Formosan termites to provide water for the colony until a more permanent water source is found. Formosan termite colonies can have hundreds of thousands of members, which is the primary reason why Formosan termites are able to cause as much damage as they do.

    If you believe you have a termite problem, act quickly and contact the termite control experts at Burns Termite Control of Phoenix. To learn more about our effective methods of pest elimination, call us at (602) 281-4094 or visit our website.

    The Dangers of Ignoring a Termite Infestation

    Last updated 27 days ago

    Termites are a very expensive pest problem, causing billions of dollars in home damage alone each year. If you suspect that termites are in your home, call a termite control specialist immediately to prevent serious damage to your home and personal property. In this article we will discuss some of the dangers of ignoring a termite infestation.

    The longer you wait to deal with a termite problem, the greater the chances that the termites will have multiplied. And in most cases, a large termite infestation is more expensive to treat than a budding termite problem. Save money and call a termite control company when you suspect a termite problem.

    Reduced Home Value
    Whether you hope to put your home on the market soon or you just want to bolster the value of your home, taking care of termite infestations is essential. Nobody wants to pay for termite control or termite damage repair services after buying a home.

    Structural Damage
    If you have ever seen wood that has been eaten and tunneled through by termites, then you know that it is porous and delicate on the inside, even when the outside looks normal. In worst-case termite infestations, wooden floors and support beams become so weak that they collapse, causing catastrophic damage to a home.

    Landscape Damage
    Termites don’t just eat wood in homes, they also feed on tree bark as well. Left unchecked, termites will consume a tree until it dies. If your yard contains any gorgeous trees or shrubs, protect your landscaping from a termite infestation by calling a pest control professional.

    Destroyed Personal Property
    In the worst cases, a termite infestation can find its way into your personal belongings. Termites have been known to eat books and even clothes. So even if you are renting a home, it’s important to keep a termite problem in check to avoid serious damage to your belongings.

    With 30 years of experience, Burns Termite Control is proud to offer the best pest elimination services in Phoenix. Call us at (602) 281-4094 for more information, and visit our website to see our full menu of services.

    Termite Control from the Pros at Burns

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Since 1983, Burns Termite Control has made customer service a priority. Over the 30 years that we have been in business, we have delivered prompt, reliable service to our customers in the Phoenix area. Our service technicians have the best training, and all of our work comes with a money-back guarantee. We offer pest control, termite control, subterranean termite elimination, humane bird relocation, weed control, and more. Watch the video clip for more reasons why you should go with Burns Termite Control for your needs.

    For a free quote, call Burns Termite Control today at (602) 281-4094. To learn more about the pest elimination services we offer, and the effective termite control methods we use, click over to our website.

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